Science Dome UK

The Science Dome UK is an independent dealer of portable digital planetarium systems and inflatable domes-- made in the UK and abroad. We also provide equipment for a fixed dome.

We run 8 portable domes around the whole of the UK working in schools everyday completing science events. We use digital planetarium projectors on a daily basis and as a 'User' we can share our experience. 

The Science Dome is an independent distributor for the Digitalis Education Solutions a leading world provider of planetarium domes and the famous Digitarium system.

The Science Dome is the major distributor in Europe for Digitalis Education supplying full digital planetarium systems and inflatable planetarium domes together planetarium interior fixed domes and projectors. As well as being a dealer for the UK and EIRE we have covered most of Europe in the last 20 years giving advice of planetarium installations. 
We are also distributors for Northern Europe covering Norway, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland servicing all areas for fixed building domes and portable systems with a visitation service available (together with Italy).  We also offer our dealer service to other areas of Europe and Africa plus the Near/Middle East. 

Science Dome is designed to explore science, geology and geography in an interactive way. The Science Dome visits schools and clubs, providing a mobile planetarium and natural history shows (rocks / fossils and dinosaurs) to schools, colleges, youth clubs, scouts groups and playgroups. The service is provided in a blacked-out purpose built mobile dome which can be sited indoors using a hall.